Barracuda Launches MSP Business in Australia and New Zealand

Barracuda, a trusted partner and leading provider for cloud-enabled security solutions, today announced the launch of its managed service provider (MSP) business into Australia and New Zealand.   Barracuda also announced its release of Managed Workplace 12, the latest version of its security-centric remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution.  In addition to RMM, Barracuda offers email protection, cloud-generation firewalls, data security, remote monitoring and security awareness training via the company’s MSP model.

Barracuda has appointed a local team in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to support MSP partners in Australia and New Zealand. As the MSP business continues to grow, the company is committed to expanding the local team to meet the needs of partners as necessary.   In addition to building a team, Barracuda is also deploying product operations including Managed Workplace and components of the company’s email protection portfolio within the region.

“Australia and New Zealand are very important markets for Barracuda as we continue to extend our position as a cloud security and data protection solution provider,” said Andrew Huntley, Regional Sales Director for ANZ and Pacific Islands for Barracuda. “The introduction of our MSP business is an exciting chapter for us, opening new doors to broaden our reach with the local market. We’re committed to working with our MSP partners in the best possible way so they can offer their customers advanced protection against data loss and IT security breaches.”

Barracuda’s MSP portfolio approach has been very successful in the global marketplace and is a key growth area. The division grew its global MSP partner base to over 4,300 and most importantly, the number of global MSPs using multiple Barracuda solutions increased 35 percent year-over-year as of Sept 2019.

“We’re focused on empowering MSPs to create highly relevant services, deliver profitable solutions and demonstrate value to their customers,” said Jason Howells, director, International MSP Business at Barracuda. “In addition to our international expansion, our portfolio innovation continues at an unparalleled pace, enabling our MSP partners to offer new services to their customers, as showcased by our recent release of Barracuda Managed Workplace.”

“Having worked with Barracuda over the past two years, we’d certainly recommend them as a partner,” said Guy Yunghanns, CEO at qbox. “We’re focused on providing our clients with real value as a part of our IT stack and being vendor agnostic. Barracuda products, like Email Archiving and Sentinel, suit our business model perfectly and so we’ve continued to use them for our clients. We’re excited about the focus MSPs have been given recently and only see our relationship with Barracuda strengthening in the future.”



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